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Gregory Hislop

I am a Professor of Software Engineering and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Computing and Informatics at Drexel University. My interests cover a broad range of the computing disciplines with software engineering serving as a home base.

My research interests include computing education research, technology for teaching and learning, and various aspects of software engineering.  Recently, I have been exploring student participation in Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) projects as a means to improve computing education, attract additional students to computing, and foster computing for social good.

I am also interested in efforts to create repositories of teaching materials and online communities that will support computing education.  I curate the SWENET collection of software engineering materials and am part of the Ensemble team (the NSF NSDL Computing Pathway).

I have been extensively involved with the College’s online education programs since 1995, and still do some research and evaluation related to online education.  I also teach online regularly.

Prior to coming to Drexel I spent almost 20 years as a computing professional working primarily in the area of enterprise systems management.

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